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Project Description
SharpGpx implements an object model for reading and writing GPX (GPS eXchange). An extremely common format, GPX is used to record data and exchange data from GPS units.

The library is developed under .NET 4.0 and has no external dependencies.

The library makes extensive use of XML Serialization. Extremely large files may fail to save or load.

This library makes use of a code generator based on the xsd.exe utility. The generator reads in an XML Schema Document (XSD) and generates C# classes from the schema. You shouldn't need to edit the GPX XSDs. If you do, you're basically tampering with the GPX standard. Also, Visual Studio will attempt to regenerate the code, won't find the code generator installed on your system, and probably give you an error.

You can either
  1. not edit the XSDs (best choice)
  2. install the XsdToClasses utility, and regenerate the code -- this would be useful if the standard changes, or there is a new one introduced.
  3. remove references to the code generator and just use the code
    • Back up the generated files ending in "Generated.cs"
    • Edit the properties of the XSD file in Visual Studio to remove the reference to XsdToClasses from the "custom tool" field.
    • restore the "generated" files back to the project.

I would appreciate any constructive feedback, feel free to contact me.

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